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Friday, December 21, 2012
And the winner is.....


Congrats Di on winning the December PFD Exclusive Contest!!!

And here is her winning tag:

Friday, December 14, 2012
December Newsletter

Hi all!! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!

‘Twas already December in Tagger’s Den forum…
The challenges are posted, waiting for members to do ‘em.
 The stockings are hung in the forum with care…
 In hopes lots of pressies can soon be found there.
The hot chocolate was steaming on the recipe board...
Just waiting for cooks to cook for their horde!
When all of a sudden, what do you know,
Santa himself stopped by for a show!!
So come one, come all and join in the fun...
See what holiday happenings are waiting to be done!!!


Hana is our new moderator at the forum!! So happy to have you!!!

A big thanks goes out to Di for our new clothes!!! Di has graciously designed our Christmas header and it’s awesome!! Thanks again Di!!

In other news, the votes have been tallied and here are our November Sponsored Contest winners!! Each person has won from 1 - 3 tubes from our affiliate stores. A huge thank you goes out to all of them for their generosity in sponsoring our contests each month!

DSI: 1st place – Di
         2nd place – Christene

UYA: 1st place – Di
           2nd place – Christene
CDO: 1st place – Christene
           2nd place – Hana
           3rd place – Di

FXD: 1st place – Christene
          2nd place – Hana

iZ: 1st place – Di

PFD: 1st place – Christene
          2nd place – Hana
          3rd place – Di

STOP: 1st place – Di 1st place - Di

Congrats to you all!!

Voting for November’s PFD Exclusive Sponsored Contest will begin on the 16th this month and end on the 18th. Running a little late. J Please come to the forum and vote for your favorite tag!! The winner will receive a 30 day exclusive membership to PFD and get 4 downloads of their choice!! Hey, send in those entries if you haven’t and maybe the winner will be YOU!!

WELCOME to all our new members!! So glad you found us and looking forward to getting to know you all!! J

And don’t forget…if you are a NON-TAGGER, you can still participate in the forum. We have the QOTD, Trivia, Show Me (post any tag you have that matches the chosen theme), and if you add your name to our non-tagger list, you just might receive loads of tags!!

Time for a clean up!! The forum will be cleaned up of all of November's threads on the 20th of December to make room for all the new monthly activities, so please be sure to save all your pressies. 

SOMETHING NEW....Starting in January with the new year, we will start having a month long birthday party for member's having a birthday during that month!! A board will be created with each member's own gift thread and you will receive pressies all thru the month. So if you don't have your birthday info filled out, get it done!!! Don't want to miss out on anything awesome!!!

Also starting with the New Year....You MUST be an active member (participate in 3 challenges at least twice a month) to enter the sponsored contests. We don't think this is asking too much considering all the great FREE tubes you win in the contests.

Don’t forget…we are all only a message away if you have any troubles, questions, or suggestions. Please don’t hesitate to contact Hana, Mavy, or myself with anything you like. J

Think that’s about it for now. J

Thanks to all for making the Den a wonderful place to hang out and relax.

Have a safe and Happy Holiday everyone!!!!!


1st place - Di

1st palce - Di


1st place - Di


1st place - Di

2nd place - Christene


1st place - Christene

2nd place - Hana

3rd place - Di


1st place - Christene

2nd place - Hana


1st place - Di

2nd place - Christene

Congratulations ladies!!!


1st place -Christene

2nd place - Hana

3rd place - Di

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1st place - Di
And a snag for BCA
PFD - Had to use to decide the 3 way tie!!!

1st place - Di

2nd place - Christene

3rd place - Hana
And the winners are.....


1st place - Christene

2nd place - Di
Wednesday, March 7, 2012
Check out our interview with Camilla Drakenborg! 
You can find her work here at UYA!
You can find the interview with her here on our website!!!

Thanks again Camilla, you were so sweet to answer all of our questions!
Tuesday, February 28, 2012
Our February SNC contest winners are; First place Twinky, Second place SharonC and honorable mention goes to Lesia!

Here are the winning tags:
First place

Second Place

Honorable Mention:

Awesome tags Ladies!

Our PFD contest winners this month are: First place MaryLiz, Second Place Alika And Third Place Lesia! Congrats and well done ladies!

And our Winning tags:

First Place

Second Place

Third Place


Awesome job Ladies!

In the UYA contest there was a tie for first place, so after speaking with the owner, the first place winners are: Twinky, and SharonC. Second place was Christine. And the following our third place winner; Lesia.
Congrats ladies well done!
First place tags;


Second Place


Third Place

Awesome Tags Ladies!

Friday, February 17, 2012
Sorry she is a bit late in being shown off but our second of two tubes by Hunter Cazador has been named Dark Storme.  She's just as gorgeous as Gothic Storme, and darker ;).
Here she is:
Thank you so much to everyone that made both of them possible

Our PSP Tube Stop monthly contest winner is Twinky!!! Her tag was absolutely gorgeous and the win was well deserved!!

Congrats Twinky!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012
We had some blog challenges on the forum!! They turned out awesome!
First the Lovey Dovey Valentine's kits from Always and HopeB
Always' kit
Download Here

HopeB's Kit
Download Here

Now for some gorgeous templates, also by Always!
Download Here

And finally some Valentine word arts from Always too!
Download here

And We also have something just in time St. Patrick's Day from Always
Download here
Monday, February 13, 2012
Lise, one of our Admin, made this gorgeous tag for us using our exclusive Hunter Cazador tube and our new exclusive kit from Baby Dragon Scraps!

Saturday, February 11, 2012
The Den was able to jump on a wonderful sale from Hunter Cazador whom sells at PTE
We commissioned two full tubes from him, the first of which we are calling Gothic Storme
Here she is:

We think she's absolutely GORGEOUS!
She is available in our TD Store if you have 150 posts minimum, are an active member, and 8000 Teasers!
Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hello everyone,
Hope you're having a great week! Got some good news, our first of two commissions from Hunter Cazador is under way! I will be posting a preview of it as soon as I see one! The Camilla Drakenborg Queen of Hearts exclusive we had last year is still ours. The commission was given to the Tagger's Den. If you don't have this exclusive you can get it from our Teaser Villa Shop, found here:


Speaking of our shop! We have all kinds of new exclusive goodies that you can purchase whether you are a tagger or not! We have name color changes, Pets, a place for blog/websites, and special ranks! For those of you worried about not having enough Teasers here is a little tip; our daily click area,, can earn you 160 Teasers a day. We have a couple forum games that are worth 20 - 50 Teasers every time you play, And we offer over 40000 Teasers a week in challenges alone!


Another little note for you all, our Valentine fun area is now open for play! We offer challenges for taggers, and non-tagger's a like! We are going to be having Tag auctions soon so get your name down on our sign up sheet!


I mentioned Pets you can purchase in the forum earlier in the newsletter, well you will be able to name your own pets! But you have to purchase one, which you can do by pming me with your choice of pet, you can see which pets we have by looking at them in our shop. Here is the catch! Each day your pet's hunger bar goes down! When it reaches empty then you will have to pay the purchase price to "revive it again! But we offer this: so that you don't have to worry about your pet starving! Every day that you sign in your pet will stay full and happy, and you will earn 50 Teasers! You also earn 15 Teasers for every post you make about your pets, real or imagined!


Every day we are coming up with new ideas to make Tagger's Den a fun forum! Give us your ideas! You can contact an admin or mod, or you can post them in our suggestion box or you can email them to us at!

Coming up in the Den; in two weeks the Den turns 1!!! We are so excited about this! We have lots of ideas planned for our birthday party, including a talk with Hunter Live in our chat box on the forum! We have a time sheet up in FB so that we can get an idea of what time to have it, we need to know soon so that we can tell Hunter!


You all are just Amazing and I find it an honor to be a part of such a wonderful place with amazing people like you all!!!
Admin Team @ Tagger's Den


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