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Monday, January 30, 2012
I'll start with our announcments: First we have our contest winners! Congrats again ladies it was well deserved, but all of the entries were awesome! If you haven't already sent it to me, I need your name, email, license number and tube choice for any contest you have won, if you've already given me this info please disregard this portion of our newsletter. You can send that info to me on the forum, Facebook or through email,
Next I'd like to turn your attention to our Valentine party coming up the week of Feb 14. There will be lots of challenges and our contests will all feature around a Valentine theme for this month.
After our Valentine party we will be having our Birthday Party because on the 21st of February our forum will be a year old!!!
If you want to donate anything toward our party, forum sets or anything message me on the forum or on Facebook, or you can send it to my email.
Next I want to draw attention to the many wonderful things our forum has to offer, that you may have forgotten about, or is new! We have a wonderful Support your Artists area where you will find our Artist of the Month. For the month of January it is Justice Howard! We have a large general board where you can welcome artists, chat to your heart's content, offer or request blinkies, ask where you can find things, post or see new happenings with artists, and offer or request mail stats for your Incredimail. We may or may not be adding an FTU Tube area.
Under our "help" board we have our FAQ/Help questions on or about the forum, and we have Beginner tagger help. We have a support area where you can post your groans, complaints, ailments, or just talk to someone who cares. We do care about our members and would like to help them with more than just making a tag. We have a copyright Q and A area. An activity area where you can find our sponsored contests or start your own, our MotW and our hot seat is there too! We have a huge pressie area for you to give or get pressies! We have some blog challenges where we would love to feature your work on our blog, we have a huge challenge board too! There are a couple new challenges, one is tuts gone wrong, and the other is make me a tag. We have quite a few games for our members to play, and some are just as easy for non-taggers to play as taggers! We have a show off area with areas separated by either rating or artist. And we do allow full nudity, you just might want to warn someone that it is EAC before they open it so we dont offend any of our PG only members ;). We have an area for you to post your forums, blogs, websites, and other stuff that is important to you. WWO and Always lists are also availible too! Keep an eye on our wwo board I've seen some gorgeous offers go through there! Then we have our shop where you can find exclusive kits, tubes, and other goodies from the forum! If you want to give anything to the forum feel free, let me know and I'll get it added with whatever price you request! We will soon be adding a forum set area for our non-taggers to purchase with their teasers they aquire by just posting or playing games in the forum!
We have a suggestion box for those of you who have an idea to make our forum even more wonderful. We are always open to new ideas and we want to know what you want out of the forum!
Thanks as always for being amazing members!
The winners of the CDO, PFD, and PTE contest are:
CDO 1st goes to Lesia, 2nd to Jennifer Lane, 3rd to MelIssa
PFD 1st goes to Alika, 2nd goes to Twinky, and third to Mary Lizand PTE 1st goes to Lesia Kirby, 2nd to Omneya, and third to Melissa! Congrats! get those names, emails, license, and tube numbers to me so i can get you your prizes!!!!

We can't wait to get started on next month's contests!
Thursday, January 26, 2012
Let's see if we can get 100 followers by Sunday! For the 25, 50, and 100th follower (and member of the forum) we will offer both our exclusive tube, and kit. If you already have both you will be assured the next exclusive we get! (just as though you had donated!) Follow our blog! 
Dont forget the Art of Giving contest that is being sponsored in the Den by AOG through Omneya! It ends Jan 31st, only a few more days to get that entry in to her!!!
Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Another great contest we had the honor of hosting this month was one from Up Your Art. 
This one was a very hard contests for our members to vote on, because we ended up with a 3 way tie for third place!  Our winners are as follows:  1st Christene, second SharonC, third Omneya, Astikali, Always and Mistress Blacknight

First place

Second Place

And our Third place winners in no particular order

Awesome job ladies, these were some amazing tags!

We also hosted a contest for PSP Tube Stop, we had a couple of awesome entries for that as well
Our winners were Sharon for first, and Always in second place.


Well done ladies!

Another contest we hosted was one from ScrapsNCrap, this one was also lot's of fun! 
First place went to AnneJ and second to Mistress Blacknight!



Well done and congrats ladies!

Well our January contest is over, and we had a blast with the tags!!!
We had 3 entries so we had 3 winners!  First place went to Victrue! Second place went to Always, and third to Omneya!  They were all fantastic tags, and gorgeously made!




Congrats ladies!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012
Week 3, wow where did the month go?!  We have 3 wonderfull winners this week, and the final votes are up for all of our winners!  The final vote will end on the 28th and the winners for the month will be announced.  Our winners this week are Lesia- PTE, Mistress Blacknight (Jennifer)- CDO, and Alika - PFD!  Congrats and well done to everyone!

Winning tags:


Well done, and gorgeous tags!!!  TYSVM to everyone who made one for me, I love them!

Monday, January 23, 2012
Well our blog has been done up with our commission from Justice Howard.  You can get her in the Den for 7500 Teasers!  OR if you have previously donated to the forum send me a PM with your name, email, paypal email so we can check you off the list, and you will receive your new license, and our exclusive as soon as I can send it!

Thursday, January 19, 2012
Here we are at Week Two in our contests!!  Our winners are PTE - Melissa, PFD - Twinky, and CDO - was again Melissa.  They will be sitting out of the rest of the month on the contests they have won and then their tags will go up for a final vote the last week of the month!
The winning tags:




Congrats ladies!

Friday, January 13, 2012
In our forum contests, we have weekly segments for CDO, PTE, and PFD.  Last week's winners were:  Lesia Kirby-CDO, Omneya-PTE, and Mary Liz-PFD
The winning tags:

Congrats to our winners for week one.  Stay tuned week two winners shall be posted soon!!
Saturday, January 7, 2012
Our artist for the month of January is Justice Howard who owns and sells her tubes at PsPtubes. She is an adorable woman, and we have had the honor of being sponsored by her store! She is hosting a contest on the Tagger's Den forum. You can find out about her by checking out our interview with her on the website under Artist of the Month!
We have an official website for the forum, which can be found here. Our weekly newsletter is sent out and published here. Keep an eye on both for weekly happenings in the Den!
Welcome everyone to our blog! I know it doesn't look like much right now but I'll soon have it looking fairly decent. Stay tuned here for huge updates, fun happenings and anything else we can think of to bring you. Hopefully soon we will be able to bring you things from our members such as temps and other useful items! The Tagger's Den forum strives to bring you, our members, artists, designers, taggers, ect, all the support you need to carry on with what you love to do. We are determined to excell in helping out small companies get started, large companies get sales, and the tagger's get what they need to carry on with what they love to do. We are dedicated to helping out any one we can. We will support a good cause, and we will support anyone who strives to do what they do best. If you aren't a member already come join us at the Den and to find us on Facebook just search for Tagger's Den.
We look forward to seeing you around!

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