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Tuesday, January 15, 2013
****Ok, you all know me, you know I hate being a pain, but in light of the things going on on FB concerning the tube sharers, if we find out that you are in the Den we will deactivate your account until you can prove to us you are innocent. We are a COPYRIGHT COMPLIANT forum, if we find you are sharing tubes we can do no less. Those that share tubes have NO excuse even if they are new to tagging because there is information on it EVERYWHERE! This will also be sent out in a newsletter so that way everyone reads it. I will not risk the integrity of this forum to save the skin of people suspected of tube sharing when there is a wealth of proof. IF you can successfully prove to me your innocence should your account be deactivated (i can be contacted on facebook) then I will present you with a public apology and accept you back into the forum. HOWEVER if you cannot, your account will not be reactivated. I hate to be the bad guy but honestly if youre sharing tubes youve brought the concequences upon yourselves and you should be ashamed of yourselves for being nothing better than thieves.****


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